Sports Physiotherapy in Port Macquarie

Our Sports Physiotherapy offers a comprehensive assessment and treatment different to other traditional Physiotherapy services. We work closely with our athletes, their medical team, coaches and support structure to implement effective and sustainable interventions to get you to, and keep you at, the top of your game. Amateur or elite, you will be treated like a pro-athlete.

We follow the 80:20 rule where 80% of our time with you is spent working around the injury and on any levers we can pull to improve your function while injured, and 20% on the injury itself. This allows us to keep you in your sport in some capacity and be improving yourself as an athlete while we work with you to resolve your injury and return to full performance. We will endevour to fully understand your sport (if we don’t already), and your needs for the role you play in that sport. The development of a rehabilitation and performance program from this knowledge will ensure the process is purposeful, engaging and successful!

We work closely with our athletes, their medical team, coaches and support structure to implement effective and sustainable interventions.

How are we different from other Physiotherapy Services?

Your program is tailored to your needs and sporting requirements.

We develop individualised training programs so that you can return to what you love sooner and stronger. Even if you have a competition limiting injury, we will work with you to develop sports specific rehab programs to keep you engaged and training.

We believe success needs the right team

We work as a close knit team alongside Sports Physicians, Sports dietetics and S&C and have close links to other specialists in the community. This is modeled on professional sport, where each of these disciplines contributes to optimise recovery and performance.

We measure performance

We use specialised equipment such as force plates and 3D capture cameras to track your performance. We utilize some of the most advanced sports science technology to identify strengths, weaknesses, and room for improvement to help you recover and give you that competitive edge.

The facility

Athletes who rehabilitate in a professional sports-specific environment will have better outcomes. Injuries cannot be effectively rehabilitated in a 3×3 physio clinical room, the hard work we guide you through in our world-class facility is what gets you back to performance.

Athletes deserve a facility that is designed to help them succeed!

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