Junior Development Program

Junior Development Program in Port Macquarie

“The program for junior athletes that aspire to professional competition” Take that competitive advantage.

A specifically designed training and strength program for junior athletes to ensure they are reaching their full potential.

Some of the world’s most talented athletes were not the biggest stars when they were young.

In the words of Dwayne “the rock” Johnson “Success isn’t always about greatness. It is about consistency. Consistent hard work gains success. Greatness will come”

The correct balance of proper training, development and preparation can be the difference of your child succeeding or falling short of their potential.

When young, it is essential for your children to become involved in a large variety of sports and activities. This allows them to develop necessary skills to build towards their success as adolescence and adults.

However, things change and become far more difficult during those adolescent years. During a time when your child is growing at a fast rate and sports are becoming more and more demanding. It is vital that they are preparing and recovering for their greatest success.

It is this area of their life where your child will either make it or break it. They will usually be pushed too hard for too long and will break physically and mentally.

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Our program has been designed with this in mind. We have developed our junior athlete performance program to ensure that they get through this period of their life with the greatest results. While most sports training focuses on pushing harder and harder and harder. Which ultimately will lead to a crash and burn. All successful athletes take time to understand the correct way to train, correct way to deal with external pressures, and allocate time to learn how to move correctly. Ultimately leading to less injuries and more success in your child’s chosen sport.

In the current fight our forever improvement in athletes. To be the best your child has to find whatever physical advantage they can get. We provide that advantage to your child.

How does our program work

Our junior performance program improves your child’s ability both mentally and physically. The program is designed for 11-18 yr old athletes of all levels to nullify their weaknesses, decrease injury risk, and build strength, power and speed. Therefore, providing your child with all the tools they need to succeed. Here is how it works:


To do this we will assess your child’s strength and mobility through the use of our elite quality assessment tools and devices. This will give us a good understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. That way we can continue to maintain and improve their strengths, and help develop their weakness areas. We will be able to create and find your childs X factor. This will create a well rounded fully prepared young athlete. Boosting them to their top tier.

STEP 2: Develop them for mental success

This is a step well and truly missed by many development programs. Particularly when a young athlete’s confidence is key. When your child feels confident they are generally performing well. When they are lacking confidence you can see a change and generally they will really start to struggle.
We are able to develop the mental toughness required through mental performance training. Training this ability is another key competitive advantage over other athletes. When times get tough they will have the ability to push through to succeed.


We will supply your child with a complete program to improve their preparation for their chosen sport. They will have access to their program and exercises online via an app. That way they can complete these exercises at home, or wherever they may be at all times. In addition we will also supply a complete warm-up program that your child should complete before competing. Ensuring they are ready to go.


Finally your child will be able to train here with us and other junior performance athletes. This will have your child being supervised by our expert staff to ensure exercises are being completed correctly and efficiently. We know that training with the best, will lead your child to be the best. In these sessions we can modify exercises and really ensure the best success for your child.

Athletes deserve a facility that is designed to help them succeed!

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