Our Facility

About Our Facility

Athletes deserve a facility that is designed to help them succeed”

Our Facility here at Port Macquarie Sports Medicine Centre was designed with that goal in mind. From our past experiences with rehabilitation and performance we know exactly what you require to achieve your goals and succeed.

No detail has been missed in this facility. Here you will be surrounded by not only sports physiotherapists but also world class exercise physiologists, Sports Doctors and podiatrists.

We have the equipment to match that is the latest and greatest technology including:

3 distinct gym areas for different training styles

Blood flow restriction cuffs

Force plates (VALD system)

3D tracing technology (STT system)

Alter G anti-gravity treadmill

Pilates studio

Plus any piece of rehabilitation equipment you will ever need

All of these will allow you to strive for that success that you have always dreamed of, whether that be recovering from injury, or working to improve your performance.

Our facility is trusted by many of our local and regional sporting teams

Athletes deserve a facility that is designed to help them succeed!

Start to achieve your goals today! Book with one of our highly trained practitioners at a time that suits today.