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Our services have been curated with the athlete in mind. Your pathway to recovery will typically start with an initial session with one of our team where a treatment plan will be developed to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

Your medical and rehab team will commonly use our advanced technology such as force plate analysis, muscle stimulation, 3D-motion capture technology and anti-gravity treadmill to assist you in your recovery and return to your best.

We also offer more specialised services such as Bike Fit, Running Analysis, Dancing Physiotherapy and Performance screening. Our Tendon clinic and Hip & Groin clinic have been developed to help athletes combat some of the more debilitating injuries as the effective management of these conditions requires a strong multi-disciplinary approach and an expert-level understanding of the conditions. We are proud to be supporting our staff in completing pioneering research into these conditions with some of the best researchers in the world.

We also offer clinical pilates and exercise physiology services to support restoration of function and maintenance of long term health. Our professionals in this space can also take a large part in the ‘Return to Performance’ aspect of your care.

Athletes deserve a facility that is designed to help them succeed!

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