Non operative ACL Management

Non operative ACL Management & The Cross Bracing Protocol in Port Macquarie

Management of the acutely injured ACL is a quickly developing space and, just last year, some extremely promising research suggested that by following a 12-week bracing protocol immediately after an ACL injury, up to 80% of patients suitable for the program were able to achieve ACL healing, and could avoid surgical intervention. This now means there are more viable options than ever to restore your knee function, and it is important you know your options and the associated pros and cons before committing to one process!

Come and see us and let us help you weigh up your options!

Since the development of this program we have implemented the program with fit, healthy individuals ranging from 13 to 40 years old with great success. The fantastic outcomes so far are very promising as we have been learning from the researchers over the past 4-6 months to allow us to effectively implement this program in a fashion to optimize your likelihood of success.

  • We need to classify your ACL injury type and understand any other concurrent injuries using MRI.
    If suitable for the bracing protocol, you will work with your Physio and our Sports Physician to rule out any risks to the process.
  • You will wear a brace for 12 weeks, with the first 6 requiring no weight bearing (using crutches or walker) and your knee will be locked at 90D for the first 4 weeks, before being progressively released.
  • You will be prescribed a blood thinner by the Sports Physician or your GP to ensure your risk of any adverse effects is reduced.
  • You will begin a progressive weight bearing process at 6 weeks before progressing to normal weight bearing at 12 weeks.
  • You will be allowed to complete modified gym training the entire way through the protocol!
  • You will progress through typical (often shortened) ACL rehabilitation after the bracing process.
  • You will have a further MRI at 12 weeks to classify your ACL healing and help inform the ongoing rehab program.

Not everyone will be suitable for this process due to their ACL injury, concomitant injuries, health status or life circumstances. We will work with you and help you choose the right path for your injury, and support you all the way!

This now means there are more viable options than ever to restore your knee function, and it is important you know your options and the associated pros and cons before committing to one process!

Learn More About Our ACL Program

Return to sports safely and as quickly as possible. Port Macquarie Sports Medicine Centre is the only facility in Port Macquarie that has all the equipment required for the rehabilitation of the Athletic ACL injured knee. Our team is not only very experienced in the management of ACL injuries and rehabilitation, we are continuously learning and tracking research advancements so we can better support you.

The typical model of ACL rehab where you are provided with a few exercises fortnightly to progress through is starkly different to how knees are managed at the elite level. The addition of strength & conditioning through the process, a properly scheduled exercise program for you to execute, efficient access to your team of Physios & EPs makes the process much more effective and enjoyable. We as your team take the fear, indecision and mental load away from rehabilitation by providing you with support, direction and world class recovery programming to allow you to return to your activity as strong and agile as your best.

  • Weekly moving to fortnightly 1:1 sessions with your Physio
  • A day by day, week by week exercise program mapped out by your Physio & EP team, always available to you on our dedicated app.
  • Use of our muscle stimulator early to help you get muscle activity back as quickly as possible.
  • Alter-G access early in the rehab for those keen to start modified weightbearing running as they build their strength
  • Periodic strength, power and agility testing in line with international consensus.
  • On field coaching when to return to run time comes
  • Program modification and updates as required
  • Unlimited access to our high performance gym where we have all of the equipment you need for your recovery.
  • Return to run programming
  • Return to directional and agility exercise coaching and programming
  • Access to our recovery equipment
  • We will be your cheerleader, support team and your biggest believers to support you through the process

Why chose us? (in a nutshell)

  1. We rehab ACLs by the dozen and have the experience and skills to respond to the nuances of recovery. Everyone is different, but our experience in the field allows us to support all of those differences.
  2. We have the tech, facility and team to provide you with a world class recovery process.
  3. We invest in our team and just last year undertook a specialised program to improve on our strength and conditioning skill set specifically for ACL rehabilitation.
  4. We care. We support you through the tougher times over this rehab process and celebrate the wins with you too!

Athletes deserve a facility that is designed to help them succeed!

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