Liam McCudden – Dietitian / Sports dietitian and Director of Evolve Dietetics

Liam is an experienced dietitian who has been empowering patients for over ten-years through customised nutrition coaching and meal planning. He is a progressive and passionate dietitian with significant experience in tailored metabolic health nutrition and sports nutrition. Liam has worked alongside specialist sports physicians and with a range of athletes from junior developing athletes right through to masters athletes across a number of sports including professional soccer, professional rugby league, athletics, endurance runners, dancers, swimmers and water polo athletes, surfers and elite mountain biking.

Liam takes an individualised approach with all clients, taking time to understand client’s motivation, goals and the balance of daily life challenges (work / family / social / sporting etc) before providing practical advice and developing specific dietary management plans. As well as sports nutrition work, Liam enjoys working with clients who are motivated to improve their metabolic health. Liam specially enjoys providing a fresh approach and motivation to clients struggling with weight management and diabetes management that are not seeing results following generic guidelines.

Liam started the business with a vision to provide a fresh approach to nutritional advice and management. He has over eight years experience in chronic disease and sports nutrition areas working across a range of settings including General Practice and sports medicine clinics and consulting to sporting clubs/academies, workplaces and aged care providers. He has a truly individualised approach. He acknowledges that we all have different taste preferences, nutritional needs and unique influences on our dietary patterns and will work with you to develop a plan with these factors in mind. No two consults are the same!!

When not talking food and health, you will find Liam in the surf, riding trails on his mountain bike or enjoying time with his family.

Sports nutrition services include:

• Assessment and analysis of micronutrient and macronutrient intake and overall energy intake.
• Education and nutrition planning for optimal fueling and recovery nutrition including energy-availability assessment. This is critical for injury prevention, injury repair/rehabilitation and performance improvement.
• Impartial supplement advice
• Race / event day nutrition plans
• Assessment and management of disordered eating
• Body composition measurement and monitoring

Metabolic health services include:

• Education and low carbohydrate nutrition planning for weight loss and improved diabetes management.
• Motivation, monitoring and accountability
• Big picture focus and the importance of dietary patterns
• Intermittent fasting protocols (if suitable)
• Practical resources including portion control guidance and recipes
• Body composition measurement and monitoring.

Liam is a keen surfer and sports tragic, so outside of talking all things nutrition, common places you will find him are in the surf, on the golf course or mountain bike trails, watching sport or spending time with his young family.

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