Cian is a highly experienced clinician who remains excited by, and dedicated to, helping active & athletic people achieve their performance goals or return to what they love. He has experience ranging from elite soccer and rugby to working with world class ironman competitors and professional surfers. He is a firm believer of an integrated approach to managing injury and works closely with sports physicians, exercise physiologists/S&C, coaches and your support team to optimise recovery, maintain focus and enhance performance. The difference you’ll notice immediately working with Cian is the focus on what you can do while you’re injured, not your limitations.

Cian’s clinical interests are in the rehabilitation of tendon injury, and in the management of complex and long-standing hip and groin pain. He is regularly referred to for second opinions in these cases due to the complex and nuanced nature of their rehabilitation. This interest has led to a PhD research role alongside one of the world’s leading authorities on tendon pain, developing an expert knowledge in this field.

Cian enjoys working with athletes to rebuild from a challenging injury such as ACL rehabilitation, tendon injury, bone stress injuries and traumatic or reconstructive surgeries. His focus on integrating strength and conditioning and skills training early in your rehabilitation will ensure you return to your activity stronger, faster and more robust than ever.

What Cian is best at:

  • Tendon/tedinopathy rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation of hip and groin pain
  • Knee and lower limb rehabilitation
  • Second opinion cases – he can work alongside your current physio to optimise rehabilitation
  • Shoulder instability
  • High level and sports specific rehabilitation
  • Coming soon…

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